1: Tell us your most beautiful musical memory

⁃ I can’t think of any specific moment because there’s a plenty. But if I had to share a

strong feeling, it would be the moment where you truly understand the meaning of

a song, of a tune. The moment that you become able to to decompose the whole

melody to see each of its details.

When you ear pays attention to each subtility then you re leasten to the melody as a whole,

and finally really appreciate it. It makes you feel so good…

2: Tell us your most beautiful scented memory

⁃ The moment when my friend Sarah Burri made me discover the perfume she composed

for me. You know, to me the best way to appreciate a scent is the as for music.

It’s this moment when you do not allow yourself to be « distracted » by the whole

but you understand each detail. This perfume, this is the one of my grand mother’s dish,

the Macaronade from Sète. It’s magic to smell an artwork like this.

Everything is in the detail and the delicateness making you hungry…

You can discern onions, garlic, tomatoes… It was created for an art perfomance that

I presented for the Cookbook exibition at La Panacée in Montpellier.

3: What is your favorite place in the world?

⁃ I would say it’s our shop. This place that we built from A to Z, with our hopes and desire

of changes together.

This is a place that when you look at the processus pictures then you see the result,

you tell yourself that you may be a bit crazy. This is a place that makes you feel like

anything is possible.

4: Your favorite color?

⁃ Something beige or white.

5: Your favorite dish?

⁃ The Macaronade from my grand mother.

6: The morning routine you can’t skip?

⁃ Stopping the alarm clock trying not to wake my lover up hahaha.

7: Tea or coffee? or something else?

⁃ Expresso !

8: A must-seen Instagram account according to you?

⁃ Ch.hsi, she’s flower artist.

9: Your favorite season?

⁃ « Un agréable printemps »

10: Your essential for going out?

⁃ Oh ! Cuir Kora.

11: Where would you dream of living?

⁃ I imagine somewhere that’s full of history, a place with high ceilings, limestone,

a natural light, on a seashore.

12: City or countryside?

⁃ Why chosing if you can have both?

13: Name 3 famous persons (still alive or not) with whom you would like to dine?

⁃ Hm… Right, Ryuuchi Sakamoto, Joseph Beuys and Georges Perec.

14: The perfume note or chord you don’t like?

⁃ Rose and incense, (but is just my opinion)

15: Your favorite note in a perfume?

⁃ Tonka and moss

16: Your first perfume you wore?

⁃ I remember Brut from Faberge that wore my father. I wore it a longtime too.

17: The perfume you currently wear?

⁃ Tonka lavande de Marie Jeanne

18: The perfume you prefer to wear this season?

⁃ Something fresh to ease a hot day. Electro limonade or a poivre pomelos from

L’Atelier Materi.

19: Your favorite cocoon/feel good perfume?

⁃ hummmm feel good/cocoon… listen/smell Amber Cello, 100%

20: Your favorite perfume to go out/party?

⁃ Colonia Quercia from Aqua di Parma.

21: Your favorite perfumer?

⁃ Honestly, Amélie Bourgeois and Anne-Sophie Behagel, I’m not saying this just for

L’Orchestre, but we had the great chance to discover their compositions with other houses

that we sell and it’s brilliant, really, I can’t wait to meet them. There is somebody else that

I particularly appreciate this is Euan McCall, its composition for Apocalypse, a work from

THOMSON & CRAIGHEAD that really shooked me up.

22: What is your favorite music style?

⁃ I have the same feeling about this as countryside or city, why chosing?

23: Favorite musician/band?

⁃ Now I think of Nujabes, but there are so many…

24: Name a song that makes you happy

⁃ Sympathy for the devil, The Rolling Stones

25: Which song do you need in case of bad mood?

⁃ Sympathy for the devil, again and again…

26: The first concert you saw?

⁃ Manau in 1998

27: The concert that changed your life?

⁃ I think it was Patti Smith at the Théâtre Jean-Deschamps in the Cité of Carcassonne in 2016.

This place is wonderful, with such an artist… Such everything. This was a moment out of


28: The kind of music you’d like OP to explore?

⁃ Oh, this question is great. I think of Jazz-Hop, Chill-Hop.